Aloo Tamatar | Easy Potato Gravy for Pulao

Aloo Tamatar

Aloo Tamatar or Easy Potato Curry for Pulao is a simple to make side dish for any rice and it serves best with roti as well. This surely gets done in a very short time. Though I have been making this easy aloo tamatar for so many years, and have shared some of the versions […]

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Soya Biryani, Katirikaiy Chutney from Pondicherry

Pondicherry has always been our favourite weekend outing.  Pondicherry is an Union Territory, about approx 150 Kms from Madras and takes about three hours by road. Though I have visited the place many times before marriage, the trips after marriage and with kids, are what are still so fresh in mind. We used to leave […]

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Dalcha Recipe | How To Make Dalcha


Dalcha can easily be called a silent killer. Yes famous among its peers yet not so well known outside its crowd. While everybody knows and raves about Biryani, not many may know how important a dalcha is, when you talk about Biryani. Especially when it’s a nonvegetarian biryani. Growing up in a nonvegetarian family I […]

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Gobi Dum Recipe | Dum Ka Gobi | Cauliflower Dum Curry

If you are looking for a simple gravy yet a dish that makes its presence felt, then I recommend you make this Dum Cauliflower. We make this as a side for the Peas Pulao which ends up being bland for the elders. And you can serve this for Naans, Rotis too. If cauliflower is your […]

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Brinjal Kurma | Vankaya Kurma

Brinjal Kurma

Talk about innovation at different levels and you finally end up doing that in your kitchen too. Brinjal Kurma surely falls into that category. Daddy is very fond of Brinjal and would love it in any form. So it is only natural that Amma attempts at making this vegetable in as many different forms as […]

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