Peethi Ki Paronthi | Lentil Stuffed Flatbread

Peethi ki Paronthi

Peethi Ki Paronthi is a stuffed paratha with a spiced Urad dal filling. Paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular paratha. From the recipe I adapted, I read an interesting story on what a Paronthi means. Anyway, it is said that paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular parathas, and for many years ago, people […]

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Masala Paratha | Parath Paratha from Delhi

Masala Paratha

Masala Paratha or Parath Paratha is a spicy layered roti that has a spice mix spread and cooked as such. One can enjoy these parathas as such. The first time I ever saw this was when we had out BM#50 Meet in Madras, where we had a cooking session. Some of our friends cooked some […]

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Choorie Ka Parantha from Uttar Pradesh

Choorie Ka Parantha

Choorie Ka Parantha or Churi Paratha is a flatbread from Uttar Pradesh, where powdered Split Yellow Moong dal is soaked in water and then mixed with Atta with spices to make a flaky paratha similar to Warqi Paratha. My initial choice was Chotha, that I had bookmarked from Vaishali. However, since I was looking for […]

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Pizza Paratha | How to make Stuffed Pizza Paratha

For the second day of thinking about Brunch Ideas for Kids for Week 1 of BM#64, I felt nothing meets the nod more than these Pizza Parathas. This is your typical fusion dish that one ends up making having kids at home. They end up demanding always for interesting dishes. Nothing of the regular ever interests them and […]

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Methi Aloo Stuffed Paratha | How to make Methi Aloo Paratha

For the final day of cooking Methi Dishes under BM#50, I decided to opt for a paratha that has methi stuffed into it. Of course after eating those gotas and in general knowing the methi leaves will be bitter, I wanted to pair it wiht something that will mask the bitterness. Potatoes were natural choice, […]

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Stuffed Cheese Paratha with Spicy Potato Wedges

For the Second day of Say Cheese under BM#49, I have this stuffed cheese paratha. While I have previously made cheese paratha, mixing in the dough and making a masala version, this time I used cheese slice and added spiced potato wedges to make it more interesting. I was prepared to make some elaborate cheese […]

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Stuffed Radish Paratha | How to make Mooli Paratha

It’s time for another edition of Blogging Marathon. The third week will have me making Lunch Box recipes for Kids. I know it’s vacation time for kids and you must be wondering what I am thinking, doing this theme. Well one has to be planned ahead right!  So the objective of this series will be […]

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