Aloo Palak Poori | How to make Potato Spinach Poori

Aloo Palak Poori

Aloo Palak Poori is a deep fried Indian Flatbread that has the spinach puree and potato blended with spices to the dough and kneaded, deep fried as pooris. I love all stuffed pooris and masalas blended to the dough and these make delicious pooris that can be packed for lunch. This aloo palak poori can […]

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Madras Palak Chutney | Pasalai Keerai Thogayal

Pasalai Keerai Thogayal

Madras Palak Chutney is made with the Spinach that’s available in South India. Its called as Pasalai Keerai and this chutney version makes a wonderful side dish. When Amma got the Pasalai Keerai recently she wanted to make this chutney and made it quite spicy too. It got paired very well with the Dal and […]

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Indori Palak Ki Puri | Spinach Poori from Madhya Pradesh

Indori Palak Puri

Indori Palak Poori is one of the popular dishes from Madhya Pradesh. These Puris are made with spinach puree and spices in atta and deep fried. When I was making my A to Z Indian Flatbread list, this was one of the earliest entries listed as I had this recipe noted out long back. While […]

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Palak Paneer without Tomato ~ No Tomato Recipes

I have a phobia or rather a setback, in that I can’t imagine a gravy without onions or tomatoes. when I sat thinking about it, I realized that I do make those gojjus that are typical of Andhra cuisine where either tomatoes are not added or sometimes onions are not added. Apart from that, if […]

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Serukeerai Pasiparuppu Poriyal ~ South Indian Curries

For the final day of showcasing the incredible side dishes that make up a thali, a beautiful canopy of what the local cuisine is all about, it is all about greens! The most essential greens that boast the health factor. Greens are always included in different forms. Sometimes it’s in the dal, sometimes as a […]

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Makki Ki Roti, Sarson Ka Saag, Carrot Halwa from Punjab

My love for all North Indian food started with Khana Khazana a very popular TV show hosted by Sanjeev Kapoor. We got introduced to many cuisines that were unknown to us, and experienced right in our cuisine. As it is wrongly assumed by the others, who think Indian cuisine is all about Punjabi Food, we […]

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T for Thepla | Methi Theplas

When it came to T, the choice was either Thalipeeth or Thepla. Though I have been reading about both these Indian Breads, only when I decided to make for the series that I really read through them. Thalipeeth is a typical Maharashtrian dish made with a variety of flours along with vegetables. The flour is […]

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Methi Aloo Sabji | Methi Aloo Sukha Subzi

Today is the last in the series of Cooking with Greens. It is supposed to be mixed with tuber and naturally I had to select potato. I had planned on making something with Spinach and Potato, assuming I had Corn flour    / Makki with me. Only checking later which was quite late, did I realise […]

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