Broccoli Bonda | How to make Urad Dal Broccoli Vada

Broccoli Bonda - Indian Thali

Broccoli Bonda or Urad Dal Broccoli Vada is a fantastic deep fried treat you can make and nobody would guess it has broccoli in it. We made this for the Ganesh Chathutri┬áLunch and the fact was until I told them, nobody guessed it has broccoli in it. Since a deep fried is a must for […]

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Alasandalu Bonda | Black Eyed Pea Potato Bonda

Alasandalu Bonda

Alasandalu Bonda or Black Eyed Pea Potato Bonda is a delightful deep fried snack that can brighten any party. These small bombs are addictive and crowd pleasing. Amma had recently made these for snacks and everybody loved it so much that we had to repeat it again in the evening. Black Eyed Peas are quite […]

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Homemade Tater Tots | Deep Fried Potato Cluster Snack

We are starting the second week of BM#60, this week I will be sharing some finger foods that can be a delight to any Kids party. This theme is for my Kids Delight Event, guest hosted by Priya Srinivasan and she is calling for all finger foods.  I have been wanting to make Tater Tots […]

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Tortilla Chips with Tomato Salsa Sauce and Cheese Dip

Learn how to make Homemade Tortilla Chips. And enjoy with some delicious Homemade Cheese Dip and Tomato Salsa Sauce! For the second day of Buffet On Table, with the combo Dishes being Tortilla chips with Tomato Salsa & Cheese Dip from Mexico. I love Mexican Cuisine. Maybe because it’s spicy and hot like our Indian […]

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Potato Murukku | Aloo Chips

For the third day of Snacking all the way, I have a deep fried chips made with Potato. I had plans for making puffs, somehow all the three days I have been trying, I just couldn’t make it. So that will be following for another day.  When I was thinking of this snack, I had […]

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Tofu Manchurian Dry

Second day of Kids Delight Snacking all way is Tofu Manchurian. I am fond of all varieties of Manchurian. Today’s recipe is almost similar to the other manchurian recipes. I replaced today with Tofu. My kids are not still very sure about what Tofu is, only that they don’t really prefer it much to Paneer. […]

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How to make Cheeslings ~ Easy Festival Recipe

For the second day of BM#46, under Festival Dishes, I decided to make Cheesling. I read that these Cheeslings are made during Christmas time. If you must ask me, I would say these can be made anytime, they are so addictive and melt in the mouth types. Of course I was doing a quick batch […]

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Awamat | Lebanese Donuts ~ L for Lebanon

When it came to L, I don’t think I thought much further than Lebanon. It was to be Baklava, a dish that seem to be on my to do list for the longest time. I am not sure why I have been procrastinating from doing this relatively simple dessert. Well you have the complicated version […]

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