Cheeses Pizza | How to make Cheese Pizza

Cheeses Pizza

Cheeses Pizza is a popular street food similar to the classic Roman past dish cacio e pepe, pasta served with only cheese and black pepper. I made a little change and added Red chili flakes as well. When I was reading the about a cheese pizza that is very addictive, I thought why not […]

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Crisp Rösti Potatoes


Next in the Breakfast series is Rösti or Röschti, a Swiss dish made with grated potatoes and eaten as a breakfast dish. For making Rosti, we need to grate the potatoes as long strips and mix it with grated onions and garlic. Since you have to cook the rosti on a pan over low heat […]

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Bread Potato Bonda | How to make Bread Potato Balls

For the second day of Tea Time Snacks, I have yet another starter made with potato similar to the Bonda I made for yesterday. I know I was quite surprised myself when I realised that I was yet to share the simplest Bonda. I was chuckling when I read my fellow buddies comments. I guess […]

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Bonda | How to make Aloo Bonda | Urulai Kilangu Bonda

We are into our Day 4 of Cooking Carnival, September Mega BM, where each of us is either cooking one ingredient or Category for entire month or 5 ingredients / 5 Category this month. I decided to club both the clauses by picking up one ingredient and doing 5 different categories through this month. What’s […]

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Garlic Butter Parmesan Potato Wedges

Welcome to the September Mega Blogging Marathon that is going to be a cooking carnival! We are beginning our mega marathon with the concept of cooking one ingredient or a category for the whole of this month. Or one could do 5 ingredients or 5 Categories. You can read all about the different options that […]

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Eggless Triple Chocolate Coffee Brownie

We are beginning the final week of BM#67, I have planned to make Triple the dose! When I thought of this theme, I was exploding with ideas and naturally all of them had to do with chocolate. I strictly decided that I will not do all the three on chocolate. For now, only this post […]

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Palak Aloo Kebab | Spinach Potato Patties

For the final day of Kebabs under BM#67, I have a spinach based kabab that turned out so good that Konda didn’t even complain about the greens. It was also crunchy as it was fried with a bread crumb coating. I was not able to locate my original pictures that were clicked and was forced to use […]

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Baby Corn Cashew Kebab

For the second day of cooking Kebabs for BM#67, I have a Kebab made with Baby Corn and Cashews. My kids love Baby Corn Pakoda and we frequently keep making it. So as I kebab I was sure it was going to be a hit. They enjoyed it more as a sandwich with bread. The crunch […]

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