Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo Masala

Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo

Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo Masala is an easy sandwich made with a masala made with cauliflower and aloo. This makes a delicious packed lunch box. Konda loves to carry sandwiches and I try different masalas for her. While one might say that sandwiches tend to get soggy, we love the sandwich when it […]

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Pudina Pulao | How to make Easy Mint Rice

Pudina Pulao

Pudina Pulao is one of that easiest pulaos you can make for your Kids lunch box as this is cooked in a pressure cooker and gets done very quickly. I have used a ground paste for this pulao. If you have time in the morning to grind you can, else this can be done ahead […]

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Corn Karuveppilai Sadam | Easy Curry Leaf Rice for Lunchbox

Corn Karuveppilai Sadam

Corn Karuveppilai Sadam is a rice with a twist. The traditional Karuveppilai SadamĀ  Karivepaku Annam gets upgraded to the latest by adding Corn Kernels and extra spice to add to the zing. You can make this rice in no time as its very easy to make the curry leaf powder that’s required for this and […]

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Easy Paneer Pulao for Kids Lunch Box

Easy Paneer Pulao

Easy Paneer Pulao is a great dish to make when you are planning to pack Lunch for your Kids. While I have been packing lunch for my kids ever since Konda started her school, off late it becomes little stressful with kids becoming very picky eaters. I like to work around a menu with preplanned […]

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Mixed Vegetable Tawa Sandwich ~ Easy Kids Lunch Recipes

We are on the second day of cooking lunch box recipes for kids. There are always certain dishes that you might not consider as lunch box dishes, while the kids think otherwise! There are many such dishes and one among them, is the sandwich.  Konda loves sandwiches, especially with paneer stuffing. I mostly also try […]

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Corn Onion Masala Rice ~ Easy Lunch Box Recipe for Kids

If there is one favorite among all of us, it surely has to be the corn. Except Peddu, all of us love this in any form. So it’s only naturally that we always pick up the cobs during the vegetable shopping. Chinnu and Konda infact love to eat as such, just boiled without anything added. […]

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Corn Vegetable Pulao ~ Easy Lunch Box Recipes for Kids

Yes you might wonder why the name says corn separately and then vegetables. Well today’s mess free tiffin box features my boys’s box and they were particular that I add only few vegetables that they like. While Chinnu loves sweet corn, Peddu doesn’t eat. But then I can’t add it later. So I thought I […]

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