Kobbari Chegodilu ~ Easy Deepavali Savoury Snacks

Kobbari Chegodilu

Kobbari Chegodilu is crispy crunchy rings that have coconut added for more flavour. These are popular snacks made during Deepavali. While I already have Chegodilu, Kodubale shared already, this is yet another version made with freshly grated coconut. Making this chegodilu is quite tricky as you need to have the snack crispy for a week […]

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Arcot Makkan Peda | How to make Makkan Peda

Arcot Makkan Peda

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my Readers! Arcot Makkan Peda is a delicious Indian Sweet hailing from a small town near Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. It’s a deep fried ball made with flour, Khoya, curd, and ghee stuffed with nuts and soaked in sugar Syrup. Popularly known as the Arcot Makkan Peda, it resembles Gulab […]

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Alasanda Bobbatlu | Black Eyed Pea Sweet Flatbread

Alasanda Bobbatlu

Alasanda Bobbatlu is a typical Andhra Sweet Dish made similarly to the popular Chana Dal Bobbatlu or Poli. In this version, Black eyed pea is used instead of chana dal. We are starting the BM#84 Week 2, I have chosen to share different sweet flatbreads. I love flatbreads and always on the lookout for new […]

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Chitti Kajalu | Andhra Mini Kaja

Chitti Kajalu

Chitti Kajalu is the mini version of the Kaja, an Andhra Special deep fried sweet made during Deepavali. We started the Deepavali Sweets and Savories this weekend and since Amma always has the tradition of making sweets first, she made this quick bites before starting the savory preparation. The proportion she used for these Chitti […]

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How to make Gulab Jamun | Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe

Learn to make the most easiest and softest Gulab Jamuns!  For the second day of Indian Desserts, I decided on Gulab Jamun. I had originally wanted to bake these because I wanted to club this theme along with Bakeathon. However I didn’t find enough Indian dishes that were baked that will suit both events. I […]

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Microwave Chocolate Burfi ~ Easy Diwali Sweets

For the last and final day of Festival Dishes for Diwali, I have this yet another quick microwave burfi. I made this after making the Milk Fudge, using milk powder again. This has cream and melted choco chips as the base. I have also used cocoa powder for the extra chocolate kick. This stays for […]

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Coconut Kalakand ~ Easy Diwali Sweets

We are starting our third week of Blogging marathon and I wanted to make something simple and easy for all the festivals we have during this time. My list for Deepavali has become so long that I gave up trying to organise them any more. And when I think of festival sweets and savouries, all […]

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U for Ukkarai | Okkarai | Paruppu Puttu ~ Deepavali Sweet

If there was one thing that really made me very happy in doing this ABC Cooking Marathon, is the fact that I attempted at making many of those long pending dishes. Thinking about every letter, made sure I remembered all those dishes I had always wanted to make. One among them was surely this Ukkarai. […]

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Somas | How to make Somas / Kajjikayalu

Wish all my readers a very happy Tamil New year / Vishu Somas is called as Kajjikayalu / Karjikayalu. The recipe is the same, except you can have a variation in the fillings you fill in Somas. When we made this years back, I had used only copra with sugar and nuts. This time wanted […]

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Easy Godhumai Halwa in Pressure Cooker

For today’s traditional dishes, I had decided to make another version of Godhumai Halwa. Though I have already made this two times, I had short-listed two more versions. One with wheat flour and extracting milk from it. Another one a quick recipe in pressure cooker. I think this recipe is from Chitra Vish of Indus Ladies. I […]

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