Jantikalu or Muruku for Indian Cooking Challenge!


There are certain dishes that I can go on and on about for hours together. And Murukus is one among them! I have been in love with these since time immemorial and yet never got around learning to make them. Yes, this was on top of my mind when I wanted to launch Indian Cooking […]

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Stuffed Paratha with Greens ~ Diabetic Diet!

When you are ardent to follow some diet be it for diabetes or even on a diet regime, dry roasted rotis play a major role. Any day wheat based dishes are better than rice. And it really helps if you can plan on a lot of varieties in order not to feel bored eating the […]

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Microwave Paneer Cheese Rolls!

Well, I had a lot of plans for making something interesting and elaborate in the microwave this month for my Microwave Easy Cooking event hosted by dear Raji. She did send a gentle threatening mail, saying, after all, it’s my event, and I got to send her an entry…Ok, I know I have been kind […]

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