Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo Masala

Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo

Tawa Grilled Toast with Cauliflower Aloo Masala is an easy sandwich made with a masala made with cauliflower and aloo. This makes a delicious packed lunch box. Konda loves to carry sandwiches and I try different masalas for her. While one might say that sandwiches tend to get soggy, we love the sandwich when it […]

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Quick Soya Chunks Biryani ~ Easy Lunch Box for Kids

Quick Soya Biryani

This quick Soya Chunks Biryani is an easy biryani that can be prepared within 30 mins and be packed for your Kids Lunch Box. If your kids love soya chunks, then this is surely a preparation you can add to your menu. Both Konda and Chinnu love Soya Chunks, while Peddu likes the just the […]

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Cabbage Pakora | How to make Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage Pakoda or Cabbage Pakora is yet another delicious deep fried snack that can be made with a vegetable. Even if one doesn’t like cabbage, this pakoda is surely a way one wouldn’t even know is used. We love cabbage pakoda and made it in different ways. While I have Cabbage Pakoda made differently like […]

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Crispy Onion Fries

Onion Fries

Crispy Onion Fries are addictive crispy fries made with julienne onions coated with gram flour and deep fried. These crispy onion fries make an all time addictive snacks to munch on and are very easy to make. All you need is just the onions sliced as juliennes and have the flour sprinkled over it and […]

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Aratikaya Masala Vepudu

Plaintain Fry - Lunch box Series

Aratikaya Masala Vepudu or Vazhakkai Masala Varuval is spiced dry saute made with plantain or raw banana. The roasted spice powder added to this makes it a very delicious side dish with plain dal and rice. While I love banana fry that Amma makes as plain with just chili powder and coriander powder, this spiced […]

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Peethi Ki Paronthi | Lentil Stuffed Flatbread

Peethi ki Paronthi

Peethi Ki Paronthi is a stuffed paratha with a spiced Urad dal filling. Paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular paratha. From the recipe I adapted, I read an interesting story on what a Paronthi means. Anyway, it is said that paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular parathas, and for many years ago, people […]

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Farali Poori | How to make Rajgira Ki Poori for Vrat

Farali Poori

Farali Poori or Fasting Pooris made with Rajgira Atta is a popular dish made during fasting season in North Indian. These Vrat dishes are rightly balanced to manage through the fasting period. While different grains are used to make Vrat Dishes, I used Rajgira Atta to make Pooris. Since its Gluten free grain, I used […]

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Dhapate from Maharashtra


Dhapate is a multigrain roti from Maharashtra and is made by mixing all the grain flour along with spices and vegetables. The first time when I read it, I thought this will be an excellent roti to enjoy and it is healthy too as we will be including so many different grains. This is almost […]

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Choorie Ka Parantha from Uttar Pradesh

Choorie Ka Parantha

Choorie Ka Parantha or Churi Paratha is a flatbread from Uttar Pradesh, where powdered Split Yellow Moong dal is soaked in water and then mixed with Atta with spices to make a flaky paratha similar to Warqi Paratha. My initial choice was Chotha, that I had bookmarked from Vaishali. However, since I was looking for […]

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Crispy Onion Capsicum Pakoda

Crispy Onion Capsicum Pakoda is a dry crispy pakoda made with onion and capsicum. The batter is spiced with green chilies and spice powders to make a delicious starter. I made this for a lunch some weekend because I need to have some munchies for lunch and having covered all possible pakodas, I was left […]

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