Mango Lemonade ~ Summer Cooler

Mango Lemonade is an interesting blend of mangoes and lemon juice that makes a filling breakfast to start your day and a great summer cooler. While I mostly enjoy eating the mangoes as such, other than eating with curd rice, I felt I should really make an effort to try out all those different drinks […]

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Kiwi Cooler | Kiwi Punch ~ Summer Cooler

Kiwi Cooler or Kiwi Punch is yet another drink you can try as a Summer Cooler. We had a similarly named drink couple of years back when we dined there. That Kiwi cooler, was bright green in colour and was thin with no seeds in it. I suspect they used the kiwi essence or extract […]

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Paneer Cheese Chutney Toast

Paneer Cheese Chutney Toast is a quick and easy toast that you can make for dinner or anytime. When you are short of time and need a quick dinner fix, then these toasts are really handy. Boys and Hubby Dear have gone on a trip and its only Konda, myself. I made these sandwiches for […]

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Zingy Parcels of Domino’s from India

Domino’s Zingy Parcels is a stuffed roll with cheese and paneer seasoned with Italian seasoning. It is spicy, tangy and sinful to indulge in. Kids will simply devour this in no time. This was one of the main attraction from the Domino’s Menu and when I made it last month, my kids loved it to […]

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Sekerpare | Eggless Turkish Soft Cookies in Sugar Syrup

Eggless Sekerpare from Turkey is my choice for S. These soft cookies are soaked Sugar Syrup. I was planning to make these on Friday, time simply passed and I finally ended up baking it only today. I adapted these from Sandhya’s, however mine were not completely dry though, even after drying it for a while. […]

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Ram Ladoo Recipe | Deep Fried Moong Dal Fritters Chat

Ram Ladoo

For the final day of Street Food, I picked up something at the last moment, something I have been seeing around the blogosphere, very differently called the Ram Ladoo, from the streets of Delhi. The first time I had a proper look at it, I was quite skeptical about why this is called a ladoo, […]

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Bhutte Ki Kees ~ Indore Speciality

Bhutte Ki Kees

We are starting the final week of BM#47 and with this, we end this year’s Blogging Marathon. Can’t believe yet another year has so quickly passed us by. We had great fun doing our monthly BM and I hope I managed to bring in exciting and interesting themes. For the first ever time I am […]

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Pan Grilled Paneer Starters | Paneer Skewers

Paneer Skewers

When it comes to starters, Paneer can’t be far away! Be it a Kids Party or for all, Paneer has to feature and what I have today is a delicious Skewer Paneer, more grilled on the pan for easy preparation. You can grill it on your regular grill or on the pan, the spices make […]

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Healthy Sprouted Moong Dal Pulao!

The other day I was chatting with my old friend, who now lives in the UK. As he is living on his own, I was very interested to know what he eats. I was really impressed when he said he is cooking for himself and not the simple ones, mind you! He said he makes […]

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