Pantua | How to make Bengali Style Gulab Jamun


Pantua is my choice for P in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I didn’t search for anything else when I read about Pantua. This is the most popular and commonly misunderstood sweet from Bengal. Everybody says this is same as Gulab Jamun. Even for Lyangcha that I made, many said its Gulab Jamun […]

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Nikhuti Payesh | How to make Nikuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh is my choice for N. The other N I had was Nalen Gurer Payesh, so many to do with the Nolen Gur Jaggery. Since this is a winter ingredient and on top, I have read many Bengali Food Bloggers in Chennai lamenting that they don’t get it here, I knew it was not […]

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Lyangcha | How to make Langcha


Lyangcha or Langcha is my choice for L in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. This Lyangcha is popular in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam and in the eastern regions of India. Traditionally it was prepared from Khoya, now it is replaced with milk powder and flour, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. It’s […]

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Jilapi | How to make Chanar Jalebi


Jilapi or Bengali Chanar Jalebi is my choice for J. I didn’t really search much for this alphabet as this was the first one that made me pick up this theme. Amma spoke to me about Bengali Jalebi and I remembered reading about Chanar Jalebi. So Jilapi, as it is referred by the Bengalis, is made […]

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Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Microwave Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake is an eggless microwave baked cake. This is the second dish for my theme with a secret ingredient and if I had to get my kids eat anything, it had to be chocolate. While I was planning on making cupcakes or muffin, this mug cake just happened. I was supposed to […]

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Xiaodianxin from China | Chinese Almond Cookies

Xiaodianxin means cookies in Chinese and for their Lunar New Year, they make these almond cookies to bring good luck. I seem to have baked quite a few new year related bakes, hoping to bring in loads of luck. These Almond cookies can be prepared with either Almond meal or Almond flour. Almond flour is […]

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Vasilopita ~ Greek New Year’s Cake

Vasilopita is a special Greek dish baked for New Year’s Day either as a bread or a cake. This has silver or gold coins dropped in the batter and baked. The tradition holds that whoever gets it, is supposed to get good luck in the new year. There were many different recipes for this as […]

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Sekerpare | Eggless Turkish Soft Cookies in Sugar Syrup

Eggless Sekerpare from Turkey is my choice for S. These soft cookies are soaked Sugar Syrup. I was planning to make these on Friday, time simply passed and I finally ended up baking it only today. I adapted these from Sandhya’s, however mine were not completely dry though, even after drying it for a while. […]

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Peanut Cookies | Hua Sheng Bing from China

These Peanut Cookies are from China and are called as Hua Sheng Bing. I know these would have made a great choice for H, however, I was happy I made those hot cross buns. For P I had the Pulla sweet bread bookmarked. However, as I had said, this week is sort of hectic and […]

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Scotland

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies is my choice for O and the history of these cookies dates back to Scotland, where it was fist made. Though I am not a big fan of Oats and have tried my share of oats for breakfast, I always stock it and especially when Athamma is with us, I make sure […]

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