Chatamari | How to make Nepali Pizza

Chatamari from Nepali

Chatamari is a Nepali Pizza or Newari Pizza popular as a street food comes in different versions like Egg Chatamari, Keema Chatamari and Plain Chatamari. This popular Street food has Rice crepe as the base, with various toppings made just simple vegetarian toppings to meat toppings along with Nepali spices. Most street version often has […]

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Tawa Paneer Pizza | How to make Pizza without Oven

Tawa Paneer Pizza

Tawa Paneer Pizza is a no bake pizza that you can cook on the stovetop using a tawa. With toppings like paneer and roasted veggies, this is a crowd pleaser! Pizzas are my kids all time favorite food and I make sure I bake these at every given point. With Kids being at home for […]

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Cheeses Pizza | How to make Cheese Pizza

Cheeses Pizza

Cheeses Pizza is a popular street food similar to the classic Roman past dish cacio e pepe, pasta served with only cheese and black pepper. I made a little change and added Red chili flakes as well. When I was reading the about a cheese pizza that is very addictive, I thought why not […]

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Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup

Parotta Pizza Rollup

Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup is as fusion as you can get! We make Paneer Butter Masala at least once a week. The kids never get bored, while the Adults refuse to have it so frequently. So we alter it and make it compulsory at least once or twice a month for the Adults. While my […]

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Flammekueche a la Spud | Potato Pizza with Rosemary

Next, in the series of flatbread, I have a fusion dish from the Alsace region called the flammekueche (flatbread pizza). The original dish is not a fusion, meaning flammekueche is a thinly rolled bread dough spread with crème fraîche, onion, and bacon and traditionally baked in wood-fired ovens. However, the recipe I referred was a […]

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Indian Calzone with Capsicum, Corn and Cottage Cheese

For the second day Lunch recipes for Kids under BM#67, I have a fusion with Indian Roti and Pizza. I came up with Indian Calzone using wheat flour and regular method of cooking this on the stovetop. Since my kids love pizzas, I thought this would be a good choice. When you are short of ideas […]

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Baked Pizza Bread Sticks

We are starting the third week of BM#60, with Kids delight themed on Baked Snacks. As always I had many dishes to strike off, however I ended up making a simple dish as a quick snack of my kids.  In the end, I realized more than all those elaborate snacks, the quick ones have always […]

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Tricolour Bell Pepper Calzone | How to make Calzones

For the third day of Kids Delight – Snacking all way, I have a delicious Calzones that were such hit when I made for the kids. Konda’s friend had come home to spend the day with her and until the last moment I was clueless on what to make for them. They were going to […]

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Roasted Garlic Twisted Pizza Sticks

We come to the final day of week three and I have saved the best for the last! Today’s savory bake are these addictive, super delicious Pizza Sticks. If you have been regular here, you must know I love pizzas! And it’s no wonder my kids love it too. Infact the whole family loved it […]

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