Fruit Sandesh | How to make Tricolour Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh is a delightful mix of Kancha Golla Sandesh with Fruits and Norom Paak Sandesh that are again cooked with nuts. As I had mentioned, I took advantage of the long weekend I had during our Independence day and I was making a handful of Sandesh that day. I knew I had planned on […]

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Elixir Sandesh | How to make Almond Pista Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh is my choice for the alphabet E in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. I had nothing else to fall back and the only options I had was either Easy Rad Malai or Easy Sandesh, which I wasn’t ready. It was a case of sheer desperation that I started searching again when […]

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Danadar | How to make Danadar Mishti


Danadar is my choice for D in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series.  In this google book, I read about Danadar, Danadar Sandesh and Dilbahar. I couldn’t understand the Dilbahar recipe. So I shortlisted Danadar and Danadar Sandesh. I knew one is boiled version of the chhana and the other a Sandesh version. However, […]

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Channar Puli | How to Make Channar Puli

Channar Puli

Channar Puli was my final pick for the alphabet C in the A to Z Bengali Sweets. I had a variety of dishes to select from, some I dropped as I wanted to use for another alphabet, some didn’t interest me enough. Channar was the obvious choice for this alphabet which refers to the Chhana. […]

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Bhapa Sandesh | How to make Steamed Sandesh

Bhapa Sandesh

Bhapa Sandesh is a steamed Sandesh and my chosen dish for the alphabet B. Bhapa Sandesh is one of those traditional sweet and very easy to make. “Bhapa” is Bengali word for Steamed and this is normally cooked in a pressure cooker (in steam method). In this method, it might take about 30 mins from […]

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Aam Sandesh | How to make Mango Sandesh

Aam Sandesh

Aam Sandesh is my choice for A under my series of Protein Rich Dishes, featuring A to Z Bengali Sweets. I initially wanted to make Aamshotto, which is Mango leather Rollups, stuffed with Sandesh. Though I was tempted much, I decided starting the series with a simpler dish will be easy for me. I was […]

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How to make Soft Homemade Chhana for Bengali Sweets

How to make Chhana

When I started planning for my Bengali Sweet Series, I know I had to start with the basics. While we have been making Paneer at home for many years now, we have only done, having savory dishes in mind. After making Paneer or Chhana as it is called in Bengali, we let it dry and […]

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Paneer Peshawari ~ Restaurant Style Gravy

For the second day of cooking from a Menu Card, I had picked up this menu card and my eyes wouldn’t cross beyond Paneer Peshawari. Infact I cross checked my blogs couple of times to ensure I hadn’t already cooked up this dish. I was surprised that I have not indeed already prepared this paneer […]

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Hariyali Paneer Tikka Sandwich with Aloo Cheese Cake

We are starting the final and fourth week of Blogging Marathon today. I am going to do Sandwich without Bread. This was one of the themes that came about when we were flying out to Ahmedabad for our 25th Edition celebrations. Can’t believe it’s more than a month now since we all met and had […]

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