Karnai Kizhangu Puli Kuzhambu | Kanda Gadda Pulusu

Daddy is very fond of tamarind based gravies that are sour, tangy and gives you that tinkling sensation. Amma makes these Kara kolambu with different ingredients. We have found that though the base is practically the same, the final taste changes based on the ingredient you add. Plus the fact that you got to cook […]

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Dalcha Recipe | How To Make Dalcha


Dalcha can easily be called a silent killer. Yes famous among its peers yet not so well known outside its crowd. While everybody knows and raves about Biryani, not many may know how important a dalcha is, when you talk about Biryani. Especially when it’s a nonvegetarian biryani. Growing up in a nonvegetarian family I […]

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