Jalebi Paratha | Flaky Paratha from Gujarat

Jalebi Paratha

Jalebi Paratha is a crisp, flaky ghee cooked paratha made rich by the use of ghee while kneading the dough and chilling process. This paratha can be served with just dal or any creamy gravy to enhance the taste. I remember reading a google book that talked about Jalebi Paratha. I almost thought it was […]

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Hariyali Paratha | Methi Multi Grain Thepla from Gujarat

Hariyali Paratha

Hariyali Paratha is a healthy gluten free version of thepla, with the goodness of greens and the spices added makes it a filling and satisfying meal anytime. I was planning to make either a roti or a poori with complete greens, however, when I had checked my recipe index, I realized I have made all […]

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Jasuben’s Pizza ~ A Street food from Ahmedabad

Jasuben’s Pizza

Jasuben Pizza is a delightful street food from Ahmedabad and is a popular homemade pizzas. These pizzas have no resemblance to the original pizzas as the base is a crisp biscuit with tomato ketchup and no fancy toppings, just what’s available goes on top. The highlight is the final topping with grated regular cheese. I […]

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Lauki Nu Muthia | How to make Steamed Bottle Gourd Muthiya

Lauki Nu Muthia

Lauki Nu Muthia is a healthy Gujarati breakfast dish made with bottle gourd, flours, and spices. This can be steamed or deep fried and often served for breakfast or as a snack with different chutneys. I have made Palak Muthias very long ago and have been wanting to make these bottle gourd version. I was […]

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Kesar Pista Shrikhand ~ Easy Gujarati Dessert

In the Gujarati Thali menu, Shrikhand had a permanent place. Even though I have done so many variations of the Shrikhand, I just could’n’t ignore. If you talk about your regular Shrikhand, Aamrakhand, Badam Pistachio Shrikhand, Badam Shrikhand, or little daring to try Chocolate Shrikhand or Strawberry Shrikhand, I have it all. There was nothing […]

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How to make Gujarati Dal ~ Simple and Easy Recipe

For the fourth day under Indian States, I planned a mini Gujarati Menu. I had been in discussion with Vaishali for a long time and each time I was changing the menu. I wanted to prepare quite an elaborate menu. I raided her Thali’s and drooled for the longest, without deciding on much. Anyway I […]

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Methi Na Gota | Methi Pakoras

We are starting the BM# 50 Edition today. On occasion of this milestone BM members met over weekend during 20th 21st and 22nd. BM members across globe met and celebrated BM#50 Anniversary.. I was so hoping we could get most of the BM Members to join us, however only 12 of us man. It was […]

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