Vangi Bath | Brinjal Rice | Kathrikai Sadam ~ Step by Step

For the third day in blogging about using Ready to use products, today it’s about using a ready made Masala powder for making Vangi Bath. I already posted Amma’s version of making Vangi Bath. Everybody at home loves the dish. We normally end up making it during weekend.
With Daddy’s love for brinjal, we can never make enough. So when I decided to make another dish with ready to make products, I thought making with Vangi Bath would be the best option. I made this mixed rice variety during one of the weekend thalis that I prepared. It was one of those weeks when I was eternally planning ahead on the dishes that I could mix and match for different themes that was taking form.

The entire thali was one delicious mix of different dishes. None were of traditional mix, however by making sure each one complemented, we ended up with a thali that was really very good with balanced blend of greens, rice and accompaniment, even with a delicious fried dish.
The brand I used for making this Vangi Bath was from MTR. They have really come out with many such ready to make masala powders. I even made Bisi belle bath mix, which turned out good.  

Vangi Bhath with Ready made Vangi Bath powder

Ingredients Needed:

Cooked Rice – 2 cups
Brinjal – 1 cup
Onions – 1 cup
Cashew nuts – 10 whole
Curry leaves handful
MTR Vangi Bath Masala – 2 tsp
Ghee – 1 tsp
Oil – 2 tsp
Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal – 1/4 tsp
Bengal gram – 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste

How to make Vangi Bath

Wash and soak rice for 15 mins. Pressure cook as you normally do. Once the pressure falls, remove the required amount and spread it.
Wash and cut the brinjals into 2 inch pieces, soak in water until use.
Meanwhile heat a kadai with oil and ghee. Add mustard seeds, Urad dal, Bengal gram, curry leaves. Saute well. 
Then add finely chopped onions. Saute till they turn colour.
Add the whole cashews to the onions, saute. Then add the chopped brinjals. Add salt, vangi masala. Simmer and cover with a lid.
Simmer for 10 mins until the brinjal turn tender. Then add 1/2 cup water. Combine well. Simmer and slowly add the cooked rice. Mix everything well, making sure you don’t mash the brinjals.
Before switching off, simmer for 5 mins and serve it hot

The rice really turned out very well. when you are really hard pressed for time and can’t make your own Vangi bath masala, you can surely fall back on this.

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Vangi Bath | Brinjal Rice | Kathrikai Sadam ~ Step by Step
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Cuisine Karnataka
Cuisine Karnataka
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  1. vangi bhath is made differently in diff parts of maharashtra and it is completely diff from the way it is made in karnataka…i will have to try this MTR version which I think is similar to karnataka version..urs looks nice and well done

  2. We are huge fans of this dish and your post reminds me that I have never posted this recipe so far in my blog! Rice looks delicious…

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