Beaten Rice with Jaggary and Banana

I started this year with the intention of making more kids related posts and ones that are really favorite with them. I managed to do only handful of them. Atleast I am happy that what got posted were really their favorites. I enjoyed reading the feedback that whoever tried it with their kids, they loved it. What’s more to it than this feedback right!

We have kind of settled to a pretty much decided menu for the kids lunch. So now that they like it, I fear to change it fearing if it was not liked by them, then what will they eat. So any experiment comes only for their snack time, which is at home. I am more free to try out new things to see if they like it or not. I know for sure they love beaten rice varieties.

With that in mind, this simple yet delicious healthy snack was an idea from Amma, who said its quick and yet great on taste. Doesn’t really take much time for preparation.


Ingredients Needed:

Beaten Rice – 2 cups
Jaggary – 1 cup
Grated fresh coconut – 2 tsp
Ripe Banana -1

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak the beaten rice in water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile melt the jaggary and remove scum if any.

Drain the beaten rice from water over a colander. Keep it aside.

Then boil it again till you get a 1 thread consistency. Remove from fire, add the drained beaten rice and mix well.

Add in the grated fresh coconut and just before serving, add sliced banana.

This is a great filler for snack time, you can pack this for school along with full banana. The kid can scoop in the beaten rice alternate with the banana.

Else the sliced banana can be coated lightly with sugar to prevent browning from happening. But it is always best to pack in unpeeled banana with this for school.

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Beaten Rice with Jaggary and Banana
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  1. Sri, wishing u n urs a HNY-2010. This looks really yummy. My place amma made 2 versions ..konkani style:
    1. wash n keep the poha, add sugar, relish
    2. 1T frsh grated coconut+ 1-2 T jaggery-mix well, add 2 tsp ready sambhar powder, mix the washed poha to this..instant snacks.
    Kiddos love it. 🙂 I shall try urs on them as well! 🙂 Tks for sharing.

  2. Is your cooking style regionally or cultural group based?
    If so, what?
    I browse over and enjoy viewing a lot of Indian blogs … sometimes the recipes seem similiar only some names for things have change.
    For the non-Indian person it would be nice to know some identifying charecteristics of ingredients/food-types to identify the culture or region. Thanks

  3. Oh, and to Purnima, I had to look up Sambhar and there are hundreds of types. Be nice to more precisely what Sambhar name. Again to the non Indian these things would be helpful especially to the encouraged audience. Thanks again

  4. Thanks friends, glad to know different ways to cook this.

    William, My cooking style is more regionally than cultural. Though it will be hard to explain the difference at times. But simple dishes such as these are not confined to any region. Beaten Rice is available all over India in various forms and one can come up with innovative dishes.

    Yes, if you follow the pattern over a period you will be able to understand. I try my best to record those identifying ascepts, but at times becomes hard to follow everything.

    And to your question on Sambhar, its a type of dish, common to the Southern states of India. The characteristic of sambar is derived by adding a spiced powder (which is a mixture of various lentils, spices etc), cooked with Pigeon pea.

    To non Indians, if something is not clear, it will be most useful if they can express. We, naturally think we are addressing to a known or atleast familiar audience. And of course this is also not possible as its net and open to all.

    But I guess if you have any doubts you can ask, we will be most happy to share or clear your doubts in however much we can.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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