Aloo Bhindi Sabzi | How to make Aloo Bhindi Sabzi

Aloo Bhindi Sabzi is one of those simplest side dishes you can make for your working lunch. It’s quick to make and goes so well with rotis. While I have tasted this many times, I never got around making it until I planned this Punjabi Thali sometime back. Since then I have made just this […]

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Thakali Rava Kichadi

Thakali Rava Kichadi is mostly a dish that’s made for breakfast. However, I make it for dinner, though. It’s always been Rava Kichadi for one of the Saturday nights. For the Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin, I wanted to make a different form of Kichadi. Since the regular Kichadi has less tomato added, I […]

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Dalcha Recipe | How To Make Dalcha


Dalcha can easily be called a silent killer. Yes famous among its peers yet not so well known outside its crowd. While everybody knows and raves about Biryani, not many may know how important a dalcha is, when you talk about Biryani. Especially when it’s a nonvegetarian biryani. Growing up in a nonvegetarian family I […]

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