Eggless Chocolate Skillet Cookie Cake

Make this Eggless Chocolate Skillet Cookie Cake on your stovetop when you don’t want the hassle of baking in an Oven. This Cookie cake is easy and simple and especially when you have leftover ingredients, it becomes just too easy! I had some dark chocolate ganache on hand along with some white chocolate balls. So […]

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Microwave Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Microwave Double Chocolate Mug Cake is a quick and sinful dish you can make in the morning rush hours for your Kids breakfast. You can indulge them with this easy mug cake and Dark Chocolate is good for health! While pondering on what to make for Kids breakfast that is not only quick and easy […]

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2 Minutes Microwave Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake with Microwave mode is an easy to make a chocolate dessert using pumpkin puree and you won’t find pumpkin taste at all I find at times that I really spend a lot of time thinking about recipes that are not possible in my kitchen. Meaning baking a 6 inch […]

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Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Microwave Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake is an eggless microwave baked cake. This is the second dish for my theme with a secret ingredient and if I had to get my kids eat anything, it had to be chocolate. While I was planning on making cupcakes or muffin, this mug cake just happened. I was supposed to […]

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Weihnachtsstollen from Germany | Dresden Christmas Loaf

Stollen is a traditional German fruit bread, usually eaten during the Christmas season, when it is called as Weihnachtsstollen (after “Weihnachten”, the German word for Christmas) or Christstollen (after Christ)- Wiki. When I picked up this dish, it didn’t strike me the incident I had with this Stollen many years ago! The main identifying factor […]

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Vasilopita ~ Greek New Year’s Cake

Vasilopita is a special Greek dish baked for New Year’s Day either as a bread or a cake. This has silver or gold coins dropped in the batter and baked. The tradition holds that whoever gets it, is supposed to get good luck in the new year. There were many different recipes for this as […]

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Lekach | Honig Lekach from Germany

Lekach or Honig Lekach is a German spongy cake made with honey, apple along with many other spice powders. This sponge cake or tea cake has an interesting story behind it, which also sort of becomes appropriate for today. This cake is made for Jewish New Year or natively referred as Rosh Hashanah. I came […]

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Devil’s Food Cake from United States

Devil’s food cake is a sinful, moist, airy and rich layered chocolate cake. There is no other way to describe than this. Again I had something else on the list, however, when I realized that I could do yet another chocolate cake, I wasn’t giving up on the idea. This chocolate cake is considered to […]

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Eggless Carrot Cake

Eggless Carrot Cake is one of those delicious cakes that you can make and enjoy during your holidays. Today’s version is made especially for Easter and supposed to be Easter special. I love Carrot cake and have made a couple of other versions. All are eggless and the best one that I simply love is this […]

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Basic Eggless Chocolate Cake

Basic Eggless Chocolate Cake is the simplest one you can make when trying out eggless cakes. This uses oil instead of butter and it makes it best to refrigerate and frost later. I have some similar recipes for eggless basic versions but I went ahead made it exactly like what Gayathri baked for our workshop. […]

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