Doubles | How to make Bara and Channa


Doubles is a famous Trinidad Street Snack or sandwich. It is made of spicy deep fried flatbread sandwiched with a chickpea curry, topped with different chutneys. These doubles have become known as the epitome of Trinidad’s Street Food culture. I had this bookmarked for the Caribean cuisine we were supposed to do last month. Though […]

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Falafel Pav Burger | Chana Tikki Pav

Falafel Pav Burgers

Falafel Pav Burgers or Chana Tikki Pav is a fusion dish that got created on demand. I am best known for such fusion dishes when it comes to my kids’ meal. I can’t be fussing about the origin of the dish nor try to see if this really belongs to some specific cuisine. The tikkis I […]

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Corn Capsicum Creamy Toast

Corn Capsicum Creamy Toast is one of those sinful toasts you can enjoy for any time of the day. When I make toasts for dinner couple of days back, I was so clueless on which one to eat more. Paneer Cheese Chutney Toast was equally addictive and we all ended up eating more than what we […]

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Paneer Cheese Chutney Toast

Paneer Cheese Chutney Toast is a quick and easy toast that you can make for dinner or anytime. When you are short of time and need a quick dinner fix, then these toasts are really handy. Boys and Hubby Dear have gone on a trip and its only Konda, myself. I made these sandwiches for […]

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Mupotohayi | Chimodho from Zimbabwe

Mupotohayi also known as chimodho, is a cornmeal bread from Zimbabwe. This was supposed to have been popular in the 80’s and 90’s and used to be served with butter or jam. It used to be prepared traditionally on a stove top or in a potjie (caldron) over a fire. Well, the baking method seems […]

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Johnny Cake from Belize

Johnny Cakes are quick bread from Belize, a country in Central America. These are breakfast bread roll and called Journey Cake, which was renamed to Johnny Cake. Johnny cake is to Belize what croissant is in France, a typical part of the traditional breakfast. It is supposed to be prepared and served hot every morning. These […]

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English Muffin Bread from United Kingdom

English Muffin Bread was my first choice when I decided on this letter. I have always wanted to try this bread for a long time. I had my eye on those small buns as well. However, I decided I would bake the loaf as it was so much more appealing. I remember Pavani baking this […]

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Domino’s Style White Pasta Italiano

Domino’s Style White Pasta Italiano is a creamy pasta made in white sauce. I have made similar pasta with Alfredo Sauce which is much like todays with slight variations. Domino’s Style Menu was the Day 3 Spread. I was planning on making a Thali from one of the Indian States. However, with Hubby dear travelling […]

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Thakali Rava Kichadi

Thakali Rava Kichadi is mostly a dish that’s made for breakfast. However, I make it for dinner, though. It’s always been Rava Kichadi for one of the Saturday nights. For the Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin, I wanted to make a different form of Kichadi. Since the regular Kichadi has less tomato added, I […]

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