Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup

Parotta Pizza Rollup

Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup is as fusion as you can get! We make Paneer Butter Masala at least once a week. The kids never get bored, while the Adults refuse to have it so frequently. So we alter it and make it compulsory at least once or twice a month for the Adults. While my […]

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2 Minutes Microwave Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake with Microwave mode is an easy to make a chocolate dessert using pumpkin puree and you won’t find pumpkin taste at all I find at times that I really spend a lot of time thinking about recipes that are not possible in my kitchen. Meaning baking a 6 inch […]

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Chocolate Apple Pops ~ Cooking without Fire

Chocolate Apple Pops

Chocolate Apple Pops are really the easiest you can make. All you need is an apple, melted chocolate, some sprinkles and some caramel sauce. All that is always stocked in my fridge and I just had to take it out and assemble. This is a snack you can put together in short 5 minutes and […]

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Chocolate Pom Poms ~ 2 Ingredient Dessert

Chocolate Pom Poms

Chocolate Pom Poms are the easiest dessert you can come up with when you are either short of time or even worse short of ideas! If you had noticed, I haven’t been able to do the first week of this month’s BM. I just have too many things on hand to handle and naturally, blogging […]

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Malai Sandesh | How to make Malai Sandesh

Malai Sandesh

Malai Sandesh is my choice for M in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. I had a huge list to choose for M, such as Malai Cham Cham, Malai Chop, Malai Toast, Malai Sandwich, Madhuja Sandesh. Mohini Sandesh, Makha Sandesh, Milk Cake Sandesh. Each as different or similar to some of the other Chhana based […]

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Hot Chocolate Sandesh Truffle

Hot Chocolate Sandesh Truffle

Hot Chocolate Sandesh Truffle is my choice for alphabet H in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. H was long pending in my list and until I came across a sweet listed in the online store, I didn’t have a clue on what I was going to make. That Sandesh was shaped as a spoon […]

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Bhapa Sandesh | How to make Steamed Sandesh

Bhapa Sandesh

Bhapa Sandesh is a steamed Sandesh and my chosen dish for the alphabet B. Bhapa Sandesh is one of those traditional sweet and very easy to make. “Bhapa” is Bengali word for Steamed and this is normally cooked in a pressure cooker (in steam method). In this method, it might take about 30 mins from […]

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Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Microwave Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake is an eggless microwave baked cake. This is the second dish for my theme with a secret ingredient and if I had to get my kids eat anything, it had to be chocolate. While I was planning on making cupcakes or muffin, this mug cake just happened. I was supposed to […]

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Secret Ingredient Chocolate Truffle

Potato Chocolate Truffle

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Truffle had my kids licking their fingers and didn’t know it had mashed potato as the secret ingredient. I never revealed to the boys, however, when Konda knew, her eyes literally popped out. She said she couldn’t make it out. I said that was the idea as the theme for this week’s […]

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Microwave Yogurt Cheesecake ~ Eggless

Microwave Yogurt Cheesecake

Microwave Yogurt Cheesecake is a simple and easy to make cheesecake. I have made it without the crust and I know cheesecake ought to have one. I wanted to try something different and I happened to read this somewhere and I wanted to make it in Microwave. This requires hung curds, which I made at […]

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