How to make Mango Granita

Mango Granita

Mango Granita is the next one on the Frozen Desserts for Kids. I made this couple of days before, yet just couldn’t get to click pictures. After a hurried click, I gave this to the kids and they¬†enjoyed it saying it tastes so much like the ones we get in shops in popsicles. I made […]

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Frozen Mango Yogurt ~ 3 Ingredient Dessert

Frozen Mango Yogurt

Frozen Mango Yogurt is an easy 3 ingredient dessert that only uses mango pulp and hung curds. Since the season is almost coming to end, the mangoes I used were little sour, so had to use sugar. Else if you are using sweet mango, then there is no need to add sugar. I only made […]

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Iced Coffee with Chocolate Ice Cream

Iced Coffee with Chocolate Ice Cream, topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles, makes a wonderful Summer Cooler. This drink is just the one you would want to indulge in this hot weather. With the kids being at home for their summer vacation, they are off to their activities. Konda is going for her Badminton […]

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Vanilla Icecream With Ready made Ice Cream powder

Vanilla Ice Cream with readymade powder

Vanilla Ice Cream with Ready made Ice Cream Powder is an interesting recipe to try. After having always made the Ice cream base myself when I saw these ready to make Ice cream mixture I was very tempted to try one during this week. I know I made a mistake with my freezer not working […]

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