Vanilla Icecream With Ready made Ice Cream powder

After having always made the Ice cream base myself, when I saw these ready to make Ice cream mixture I was very tempted to try one during this week. I know I made a mistake with my freezer not working to it’s full capacity and with so many ice cream flavours coming out, it’s been so hard. I am hoping we would complete all the flavours by the time I make the next one.

When I started to make out the Vanilla Ice cream, the recipe called for 2 litres of milk. I simply went ahead with a litre and somehow sort of followed with the rest in the typical eyeball fashion. The day I follow a recipe to the T, would surely be a special day. Well coming back to my experience of making ice cream from ready made pack, the moment the mix was boiled, it simply looked like a custard base. I was so disappointed and upset! I concluded that I was taken for a royal ride. 
Thinking that I might have to title this post as “Expected Vanilla Ice Cream turned out to be custard”! I was also thinking how smartly I might have to put across this recipe, given that fact that I don’t have time, nor energy to make another dish. Plus the amount of milk and butter that has gone into this. Well the taste was very good, so if actually serve this dish saying it’s a custard, you got your money back is what I decided. This was yesterday. Meaning I rushed in to make this before I left for work, came home at night to see the texture being still custard like. I was dishearten  However with a trait that comes to food bloggers, I was hopeful I will make something of this dish and get my folks to eat and proclaim that this was the best custard they have had in their life! 
A day later, thankfully, I need not resort to any of those tactics. When I took it out the ice cream bowl, it was thick and creamy. All I had to do was whip it again and put it back. I had given both Vanilla and chocolate that I made with this to Konda and she said wow it tastes like the shop one. I asked if the other flavours that she had been enjoying all these days, she very diplomatically said all those tasted great as well, however this tastes like a shop one. Kids know how to talk!

Sending this to Pavani, who is hosting Kid’s Delight, themed on “5 Ingredient Fix”

Vanilla Ice cream with Ready made powder
Ingredients Needed:
Vanilla Ice cream ready-made powder – 100 ml
Milk – 1 litre
Sugar 1 & 1/2 cup
Unsweetened butter – 100 ml
How to make Vanilla Ice cream
In a bowl, empty the vanilla ice cream powder, add sugar, 50 gms butter, boiled milk. Cook over medium flame, till the liquid thickens. 
When the consistency becomes thick, switch and allow to cool.
Freeze and let it set till firm. Remove and beat again.
Freeze again till it sets. 
Once set, serve with chocolate ganache and chocolate chip!


After 6 hrs of setting or immediately after being cooked, this will look more like a custard, you should freeze it further for it to set.

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Vanilla Icecream With Ready made Ice Cream powder
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  1. I remember my mom used to make Icecream from the box when we were growing up. Very convenient indeed.
    Kids these days can really talk. My 5 year old has something to say about everything — some good and some not so good 🙂

  2. Have never tried making ice cream with powder…I understand how you feel when things don't turn out the way you hope they would…but I am glad the final outcome was does look cool with that chocolate sauce:))

  3. Soem how Valli everytime I see your ice cream posts I remember A'bad! This one reminded me of teh kulfis we had. 🙂 Silly but true. Love teh ice cream. Next time i will pick up the ice cream mix and not give it a royal ignore.

  4. Kids are really smart these days! Wonder how she spotted the difference (given that even now I can't tell it!). Anyway, we need to try everything once and if its good and convinient, we can try again…

  5. I don't think I have ever tasted ice cream made from a box. Probably have to look out for these now. 🙂
    Glad that the situation got salvaged without any additional efforts and the kids enjoyed.

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