How to make Biryani Masala Powder | Homemade Biryani Masala

We are starting the Blogging Marathon 18th Edition today. We have successfully completed one whole moth of blogging with three posts phased out over four weeks. Though a certain amount of pressure is missing, I think everybody agreed that we get more time on hand, which leaves us quite relaxed and tension free. This also prompted me to plan for my other topic of interests like the Menu planning, Blogging 101, and so on. I am even planning to post some menus for diabetes.

Coming to the theme for the first week, I have chosen to do Indian Basics. Of all the topics, I am forever so interested about basics. Knowing basics in any cuisine, helps us know more about it and learning the tricks makes it all the work involved very easy. Anything and everything can fall under Basics. There is always the tempering techniques, what goes into tempering, spice powders, masala powders that enhance a dish.

I would say the highlight of this masala surely lies with using Marathi Mogga and Rathi Puvvu (Dagad Phool / Pathar Phool / Black Stone Flower).

Biryani Masala Powder

All those spice powders or other powders that enhance a dish surely
comes handy. For today’s post I will be sharing a Biryani Masala powder
with which I end up making different recipes.

Biryani Masala Powder

Makes – 1/2 cup

Ingredients Needed:

Cloves – 7 – 9
Cinnamon – 1 big stick
Green Cardamom – 5
Black Cardamom – 2
Nutmeg, powder – 1/2 tsp
Cumin seed – 1 tsp
Shah jeera – 1 tsp
Mace – 3
Marathi Mogga – 1
Rathi Puvvu / Dagad Phool / Pathar Phool / Black Stone Flower – 3 -4 nos
Star Anise – 2

You can also include 1/2 tsp of Fennel seeds

How to make biryani Masala powder:

Heat a non stick pan, when it’s hot, simmer and add all the whole
spices. Toss around for couple of mins making sure the heat is spread on
all sides. Take care not to smoke or chard any spice.
When you have tossed it for couple of minutes, transfer to a plate and allow it to cool.
Grind to a smooth powder when it’s cooled.
Store in an air tight container and use for making masala rice.

I also add taj patta/ Biryani leaf sometimes to this mix. That adds a different tone to the mix. Having this masala ready on hand really helps when you want to rustle a quick dish for your kids.

I have since then made couple of different dishes apart from the originally intended dish.

Stay tuned for the recipes made with this delicious aromatic masala powder.

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How to make Biryani Masala Powder | Homemade Biryani Masala
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  1. this is really help ful.. I have made biriyani a couple of times but they arent really as falvourful. I bet home made spice will make a difference..

  2. I have made just the garam masala (recipe due next week and am basking in my own glory…cannot wait to try this biryani masala…i m freaking out using store bought things off late…thanks for sharing

  3. I usually end up buying biryani masala, so this recipe is going to be very helpful. Love the pictures too – I always wondered how to take pictures of masalas and the use of spices in your pics makes it very interesting and appealing.

  4. I need to try this powder as a variation to my masala spices in my biryani Valli….looking forward to that day…will let you know how it turned out.

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