Quick Rasmalai | How to make Instant Rasmalai

Quick Rasmalai

Quick Rasmalai is my choice for Q in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I was planning on Quick Sandesh, however, all Sandesh varieties get done quickly, so there was no point in having a dish in this name. Then I even thought of making something with Quaker Oats to make a Sandesh. I […]

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Pantua | How to make Bengali Style Gulab Jamun


Pantua is my choice for P in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I didn’t search for anything else when I read about Pantua. This is the most popular and commonly misunderstood sweet from Bengal. Everybody says this is same as Gulab Jamun. Even for Lyangcha that I made, many said its Gulab Jamun […]

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Orange Sandesh | How to make Komal Sandesh

Orange Sandesh

Orange Sandesh is my choice for O in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I was not able to find any other dish for O and this was listed in the google book. There is another dish made with Oranges, popularly known as Komala Bhog. Komala Bhog is Orange flavoured Rasgullas. I was almost tempted […]

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Nikhuti Payesh | How to make Nikuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh is my choice for N. The other N I had was Nalen Gurer Payesh, so many to do with the Nolen Gur Jaggery. Since this is a winter ingredient and on top, I have read many Bengali Food Bloggers in Chennai lamenting that they don’t get it here, I knew it was not […]

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Celebrating Blog’s Ninth Anniversary with Kid’s Delight Party!

Here’s the Anniversary party I host every year to celebrate my Spice your Life! site’s Anniversary. It’s nine years since I started this blog to document about Parenting, Indian Diabetes, Kid Approved Recipes along with Vegetarian Recipes. The theme has always been a Kids party for the Kid’s Delight Event. It’s been such a fun ride, with […]

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Malai Sandesh | How to make Malai Sandesh

Malai Sandesh

Malai Sandesh is my choice for M in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. I had a huge list to choose for M, such as Malai Cham Cham, Malai Chop, Malai Toast, Malai Sandwich, Madhuja Sandesh. Mohini Sandesh, Makha Sandesh, Milk Cake Sandesh. Each as different or similar to some of the other Chhana based […]

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Lyangcha | How to make Langcha


Lyangcha or Langcha is my choice for L in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. This Lyangcha is popular in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam and in the eastern regions of India. Traditionally it was prepared from Khoya, now it is replaced with milk powder and flour, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. It’s […]

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Jilapi | How to make Chanar Jalebi


Jilapi or Bengali Chanar Jalebi is my choice for J. I didn’t really search much for this alphabet as this was the first one that made me pick up this theme. Amma spoke to me about Bengali Jalebi and I remembered reading about Chanar Jalebi. So Jilapi, as it is referred by the Bengalis, is made […]

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Ice Cream Sandesh | How to make Khoya Kulfi Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh is an interesting twist to the kulfi made with fresh Chhana or paneer. This only requires 4 ingredients and you just blend and freeze! From the moment I made my list, I knew I had to do something with Ice cream for alphabet I. I searched wondering if I will find anything […]

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